Chiropractic Billing Service

Chiropractic is a kind of practice of medicine that focuses on diagnosing and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculature system, particularly the spine, beneath the idea that these disorders have an effect on general health via the nervous system. it’s the biggest different medical profession, and chiropractors usually aspire to become medical care providers, although they lack the medical and diagnostic skills necessary to fulfill this role. the main chiropractic treatment technique involves manual therapy, particularly manipulation of the spine, different joints, and soft tissues, however might also embrace exercises and health and life-style counseling.

But the billing of the Chiropractors is a complicated issue, There are incalculable choices for locating a chiropractic billing company.

But we predict we are the most effective, real and you have got nothing to worry. There are distinct benefits once you choose olympus billing.

Olympus chiropractic billing, with over ten years of relevant experience, is able to comprehensively serve chiropractic practices throughout the state. Our skilled team of chiropractic billing specialists is decided to turn your unresolved claims into compensation that you are owed. As a corporation that makes a speciality of chiropractic billing, olympus is that the solely resource you will ever need to improve your income.

Build Relationships with Our skilled workers of chiropractic Billers: Our company services all types of chiropractic practices; the amount, kind and size of your practice don’t seem to be necessary to the positive outcome of your practice. we work even as hard for little practices as for the big ones.
Reduce Your Expenses whereas Increasing Revenue: Our system produces not only results, but also elaborated reports and the attention that you simply have to be compelled to build your practice successful. you’re paid more quickly, able to simply track claims, and ready to pursue all unpaid or partly paid claims, whereas having to deal with far fewer rejected claims.
An Affordable alternative to Your billing Problems: With simply alittle, all-inclusive fee of your collections for our entire premium billing services, we are an especially accessible resolution to usually encountered billing issues.
Our big range of services specially designed for Chiropractors provides your practice with many advantages as delineate below.

1. important Reduction in assets and raised financial gain
we are able to considerably increase your bottom line and stop rejected insurance claims.

2. Free practice Management System
If you have got a practice Management System, we might work with it, if you do not have one, we’d offer you with a FREE practice Management System for Electronic Claims filing, with free clearinghouse services.

3. faster Payment from Insurance firms
we discover and facilitate correct inefficiencies in claims filing that result in denied claims and lost revenue–eliminating most delays before the claims are sent.

4. Your workplace are going to be more Organized
are your EOBs organized? how usually are they referenced? without knowing why a claim was denied, it’s not possible to correct it or justify it to a patient. Our service will organize your EOBS into searchable PDF documents.

5. Our Services will save you cash
Our services will cost you much less than what you’re paying currently for your staff that handles billing; for additional details regarding this see our costs section.

Would you want to know more, want to like to discuss your billing needs with us?
We offer a 30 day FREE trial. We will meet or beat your expectations, or you don’t pay.

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Chiropractic Billing Service